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VorsightBP is now Funnel Clarity.

Buying behavior has changed. We have too.

Almost ten years ago, we partnered with Vorsight to bring our disruptive, research-based sales training methods to a larger audience. As time went on, we heard about the resulting confusion from our clients-- Vorsight or VorsightBP? Appointment scheduling, or sales best practices?

We don't like confusion--it's the opposite of what we teach, who we are, and what we do. So we've rebranded to better serve the Inside Sales profession. Funnel Clarity is thrilled to have you join us in the next step of this sales performance journey.

Jill Ulvestad
Founder, Managing Partner
Tom Snyder
Founder, Managing Partner

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Are you writing emails, or just sending them?

Email has become an increasingly important tool for sales prospectors. This trend has been supported by widespread adoption of email automation and analytics tools.

In this eBook, we'll share ways to leverage these tools the fullest and cover the key points of a successful prospecting email. Using four real emails from the Funnel Clarity business development team as examples, you will learn how to:
  • personalize your emails like never before
  • write quality emails capable of beginning a sales cycle
  • secure more meetings through email 

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