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Change performance, change results.

Employ a scientific method to sales performance, fill your funnel with new opportunities, and win more deals. B2B sales training and B2B sales coaching from Funnel Clarity harnesses your team’s strengths, and improves on their weaknesses to unleash their true potential.

Buyers across all industries are more empowered than ever with access to information, comparisons, reviews, pricing sheets and more. B2B sellers face particularly unique challenges with sometimes-complex solutions, a cadre of decision makers and often a higher dollar value product or service. Funnel Clarity has relied on research – analyzing hundreds of thousands of sales calls and emails – to build B2B sales performance and sales coaching programs that apply a scientific method to selling.


Funnel Clarity is proud to offer B2B sales training programs that address a variety of concerns for B2B sales teams.

Whether its filling the funnel, qualifying opportunities, increasing conversions rates or growing existing accounts, our B2B sales training programs enable organizations that rely on new business and renewals to continually provide value and box out the competition.

Start With Your Goals

- With any training initiative, all stakeholders should have a discussion about the outcomes they are seeking. Some of these outcomes may be qualitative like giving sales reps more confidence or boosting team morale.

- Try to come up with quantitative results that the team should achieve as a result of the training. For example, an increase in the number of opportunities added to the funnel, targeted conversion rates, average deal size increase, etc. The sales training providers that you are considering should be able to help you define your goals in even greater detail.

- Defining your goals early in the process is also a good way to hold your potential training partners accountable. Training providers should be able to help you establish reasonable expectations as a result of the training.

Narrow Down Training Content

- Once you have defined your goals, it is much easier to narrow down the training content that will be most impactful for your sales team. If your goals are to improve your qualification process and metrics, then you should focus your search on training providers that offer content around sales qualification.

- For many teams, it’s not just one area of the sales process that needs to be addressed. If your goals are to improve performance all the way from prospecting to account management then you should look for a B2B sales training provider that can provide training content for every sales role in your organization.

- If you are selecting training content for various sales roles, the content should be specific to each role but still be compatible with each other. If you have training content for various sales roles that are backed by entirely different or incompatible methodologies, then it is much harder to coach and scale your training process. A common methodology across the entire sales team helps make coaching and internal knowledge transfer much more efficient.

Consider Training Modality

- After picking the right B2B sales training content for your team, it is time to consider the various sales training modalities and what works best for your team. The traditional method of in-person sales training where sellers are pulled away from selling activities for multiple days is becoming less and less popular.

- In-person training still has a lot to offer but most teams are switching to self-paced online learning or virtual live training delivery. A hybrid of the different sales training delivery methods works best for most teams.

- The right delivery method depends on the make-up of your sales team. How well each delivery method works depends more so on the reinforcement process. Therefore, consider your sales team’s preferences and select the delivery method that best suits their needs.

Assure Reinforcement Process

- Far too often, B2B sales training ends up being an event rather than a process. In the initial learning phase, every sales manager and sales rep have the best of intentions to use the best practices that they are being exposed to. However, habits are hard to change and without proper reinforcement, sellers and managers slip back into old habits and don’t end up using the best practices they learned.

- Adults have a very hard time establishing new habits. This is why it is almost impossible to have an ROI as a result of sales training if it is not followed by a robust reinforcement process.

- For habit change to occur, the new skills have to be presented in context and followed up with consistent practice and reinforcement. Make sure your sales training provider is able to provide a reinforcement plan along with ongoing support for your managers to reinforce and sharpen the sales team’s skills.


B2B Sales
Training for
Modern Sales

Our Approach To B2B Sales Training

There is no “silver bullet” for sales success, and relying strictly on antiquated tactics alone will leave sales teams frustrated and sales funnels hollow. The B2B sales training programs at Funnel Clarity take what you think you know about traditional sales tactics and techniques and apply a modern framework that puts your team at the crossroads of human behavior and sales results.

Our B2B sales coaching technique is methodical, impactful, and entirely customized to your organization, your team and your goals.

Evaluate Your Current Process

Let’s discuss your current processes, workflows, metrics and tools to determine where impactful improvements can be made that will impact your business immediately.

Form an Action Plan for Growth

Focus on strategies and tactics that capitalize on your team’s strengths and build up their weaknesses. Let’s set benchmarks, goals and milestones together.

Implement New Strategies

Funnel Clarity trains managers on the skills of coaching, celebration and reinforcement, or provide on-demand coach-the-coach support.
Funnel Clarity's B2B Sales Training Programs

Individually, our sales training programs address a variety of concerns for B2B sales teams. Together, they comprise the Roadmap to Revenue©, an exhaustive blueprint for sales excellence.


The Funnel Clarity Roadmap to Revenue©

Fearless Prospecting©

Fearless Prospecting©

With Fearless Prospecting© sellers can overcome discomfort, overcome resistance from prospects and set many more first appointments with qualified potential buyers.  The tactics taught in Fearless Prospecting© have been developed from research and are surprisingly non-intuitive.


Quota-Crushing Sales©

Quota-Crushing Sales©

The modern sales professional needs more than just a questioning model. To maximize success a seller needs to understand how to “counsel” buyers to make great decisions.  This course focuses on the tactics and strategy of providing this kind of buying guidance to every decision maker.


Selling In a New Marketplace©

Selling In a New Marketplace©

Selling an innovative and/or disruptive solution is different than selling a competitive offering in a mature market. This course teaches sellers with start-ups, emerging growth companies or those with innovations from mature companies how to make immediate significant penetration in a new marketplace.  


Box Out the Competition©

Box Out the Competition©

Effective account management requires more than just reacting to customer inquiry. This course teaches the techniques required for proactive account management. These tactics are essential in order to create value for existing customers, ensure ease of renewal and for uncovering upsell/cross-sell opportunities.


Inside Sales Formula©

Inside Sales Formula©

The challenges facing inside sellers differ from those that face a field salesperson. This course teaches inside/digital sellers the tactics and strategy necessary for maximum results when selling to remotely located decision makers they may never meet in person.


Qualify for Quality©

Qualify for Quality©

One area where sales organizations lack an effective tool is recognizing how qualification is an ongoing part of a sales process, not a step in that process. This course teaches the skills that ensure each sales call is most effective and the sales funnel contains only real opportunities.


Sales to Sell Innovations

  • Train your team at the intersection of human behavior and sales results, not their sales automation software and efficiency.
  • Disruptive selling requires disruptive tactics. Our B2B sales coaching programs help startups and innovators reframe conversations to construct an unrecognized need for prospects.
  • Ongoing support and reinforcement are essential for your team’s success. Building an outstanding sales culture requires clear goals, communication and reinforcement.

Don’t just hope for success. Follow Funnel Clarity’s data-backed strategies to create a reliable roadmap for revitalizing your B2B sales team.

We love our clients because they become long-term partners:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common challenges teams face during B2B sales training?

Teams face various challenges during B2B sales training that can impact their effectiveness and performance. That’s why it’s essential to implement a course or program that is flexible and considerate of your team's unique struggles and abilities. With that said, here are some of the most common challenges our clients share with us:

  • Teams may resist changing their existing sales strategies, processes, or techniques due to a lack of buy-in, poor communication, or fear of the unknown.
  • Training programs that rely solely on lectures or theoretical concepts are not effective for sales teams.Sales teams are often busy with their daily schedules, making setting aside time for training challenging.
  • Without clear goals and regular evaluations, sales teams may lack accountability and struggle to apply their training.
  • Small teams or those with limited resources may struggle to access quality training materials, technology, or experts.
How is Funnel Clarity's B2B sales training program delivered?

Our B2B sales training program can be delivered in multiple ways. We can deliver training on-site or through an online platform that offers self-paced learning modules, live webinars, and one-on-one coaching sessions. Many clients also take a hybrid approach by conducting some training in person and following up with online delivery.

When you connect with us, we’ll work with your team to determine the best way forward regarding your training. Overall, our B2B sales training program is designed to provide sales teams with the flexibility to learn at their own pace and the support and guidance needed to achieve their sales goals.

How can businesses get started with Funnel Clarity's B2B training program?

Businesses interested in getting started with our B2B sales training program can begin by contacting us. We’re all about learning about your business, your sales team, and how our program can create measurable change that reaps the results you want to see.

Our materials can then be customized to fit your team’s needs so that we can provide your company with the tools, techniques, and knowledge they need to succeed in B2B sales.

What Our Clients Say

Mid-Size E-Learning Provider
Shannon R.

I have been through many training programs in my career, and Funnel Clarity is at the top of them. I love webinars and additional information they provide throughout the year.

Fortune 100 Software Company
Lauren L.

Funnel Clarity's hands on, professional and personalized approach with our team had us fully engaged. Funnel Clarity helped our team implement a unique, effective sales approach with skills that I will continue to use throughout my career.

Mid-Market SAAS Company
Yinet M.

Great training; easy to grasp and implement into your sales program and measure results.

Small Software Company
Ryan S.

Great company done and great trainer. I was impressed with the upfront level of interaction and planning for the training session. What was great was that they told the time to understand our business and base line metrics prior to planning the training session. The session was relevant and I saw an immediate acceptance and adoption by the team.

Mid-Size Biotech Company
Jim K.

As a sales professional and sales manager Funnel Clarity has made myself a better prospector, a better manager and more importantly a better consultant to my customers. Great content presented with passion and conviction.

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