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Inside Sales Formula©

Inside Sales professionals have challenges that field sales personnel don’t face. In fact, the inside sales professional’s job is often more difficult. At the same time, the inside seller often produces more results per unit of effort than any of their field-based colleagues. Funnel Clarity researched and developed a course to train inside sellers how to maximize their results.

Why the Inside Sales Formula for Success is Different

Course Description

Inside sales professionals have both advantages and disadvantages when compared to the job of field salespeople. Their job is often more dependent on the technology stack, faces greater challenges for developing rapport and trusted advisor status with prospects and is often too heavily targeted on “the demo”. After several years of research and analysis, Funnel Clarity identified a “formula” for how to implement and develop the most powerful inside sales force possible.




What you’ll learn:

  • Capturing and holding the attention of decision makers who only engage with a seller remotely
          • Recognizing when the collection of decision makers is ready for a demonstration or presentation
          • Avoiding “the demo followed by proposal” mistake
          • Leveraging a coordinated team selling approach
          • Recognizing the difference between demo’s designed to spark interest vs those designed to differentiate the offering
          • Ensuring that the technology stack serves the success of the inside salesperson

This course includes:

  • Video-icon 16+ hours of mixed media content
  • Articles-icon 60+ practice opportunities
  • Star-icon Certificate of Completion
  • Life-line Alumni Access
  • Web-icon Online reinforcement included
decrease in sales cycle time
increase in close rate
increase in top of funnel conversion
We love our clients because they become long-term partners:

What Our Clients Say

Fortune 100 Software Company
Leorre F.

I had the privilege of going through Funnel Clarity training twice; once as a Business Development Rep and once as a Business Development Manager. Although there was only 1 year in between sessions, the content was tweaked, personalized, and refreshed with new industry best practices and Tips & Tricks from the Funnel Clarity Lab. Funnel Clarity is truly at the "cutting edge" of Sales Prospecting and the results I've seen in my performance as well as my team's has been tremendous. We saw our best performance as a direct result of Funnel Clarity and I would highly recommend it!

Enterprise Insurance
Tim S.

Funnel Clarity understands what it takes to be successful in driving a sales model from the Inside. They practice what they preach and deliver best practice sales methodologies that work.

Small Information Governance Company
John K.

Funnel Clarity understands the science behind prospecting and incorporates this into weekly best practice regimens, in order to help sales people produce more opportunities. Tom and Jenna know their craft quite well and are a pleasure to work with.

Fortune100 Software Company
Andre B.

The biggest compliment that I can provide is that I'm successfully using the teachings on an every day basis. I highly recommend Funnel Clarity.

Enterprise Management Consulting
Drew H.

Solid program for helping businesses the keys to opening the doors that are kept by the gate keepers. Steve goes way beyond the average company to help your company excel.

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Fearless Prospecting©

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Quota-Crushing Sales©

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Selling In a New Marketplace©

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Box Out the Competition©

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Qualify for Quality©

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