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Selling In a New Marketplace©

The business landscape is larded with failed innovations that should have succeeded. In almost every case that failure was due to a sales effort that took the wrong path, hired the wrong sellers and allowed the innovation to be mis-categorized.

Selling Disruptive Solutions Demands a Different Approach

Course Description

Selling an innovative and/or disruptive offering requires different skills and a different approach from selling a competitive offering into a mature market. Put simply, selling into a mature market requires focusing on matching the needs of the customer with the differentiating elements of the seller’s solution. Selling a disruptive offering requires a focus on creating a vision of an outcome that the buyer does not anticipate and/or has never recognized before. Funnel Clarity trains sellers facing these challenges the skills and strategy unique to this situation.




What you’ll learn:

      • Creating the vision of an unanticipated outcome
      • Building coalitions of decision makers that overcome the momentum of their status quo
      • Converting the “Excitement Curve” of enthusiasm for something innovative into a “Customer Decision Journey” that leads to near-term revenue
      • Dealing with the unique challenges of implementing an innovative offering
      • Avoiding predictable pitfalls in the sales process

This course includes:

  • Video-icon 16+ hours of mixed media content
  • Articles-icon 60+ practice opportunities
  • Star-icon Certificate of Completion
  • Life-line Alumni Access
  • Web-icon Online reinforcement included
decrease in sales cycle time
increase in close rate
decrease in stalled opportunities
We love our clients because they become long-term partners:

What Our Clients Say

Large Fintech Corporation
Sara H.

Funnel Clarity are fantastic to work with and have really helped take our sales team to a new level. Invaluable training & coaching!

Enterprise ERP Solution
Rick S.

These folks keep me busy with leads into areas that I would not have had time to dig into. Good value.

Small Industrial Goods Provider
Marlee H.

I found Funnel Clarity's training to be extremely helpful in my Business Development role. We were given a two day training course where one of the reps came in and spent time explaining all of the areas that Funnel Clarity would benefit our team.

Fortune100 Software Company
Kendall W.

I took Funnel Clarity training 3 years ago, and I still have some documentation from the session. I also use bits and pieces from what I learned in my everyday routine. They share some hugely effective and lasting knowledge with sales teams!

Enterprise Market Research
Uriell N.

I am from Europe based and my company has started to work with Funnel Clarity two years ago. It is so efficient, the staff is really brilliant, available. That's really a key asset to have them as partner!

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the funnel clarity roadmap to revenue©



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The modern sales professional needs more than just a questioning model. To maximize success a seller needs to understand how to “counsel” buyers to make great decisions. This course focuses on the tactics and strategy of providing this kind of buying guidance to every decision maker.


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Qualify for

One area where sales organizations lack an effective tool is recognizing how qualification is an ongoing part of a sales process, not a step in that process. This course teaches the skills that ensure each sales call is most effective and the sales funnel contains only real opportunities.


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