About Funnel Clarity

Our Story

In 2008, Tom Snyder, a serial entrepreneur, partnered with Jill Ulvestad, an accomplished sales leader and coach, and left their leadership roles at a corporate sales training firm. They shared a dedication to helping salespeople take pride in their profession, and in helping clients attain real results from their sales performance improvement efforts.

After starting and selling several successful businesses, Tom began to pursue an answer to a vexing question: is there an objective science to selling? Is there a science to how sales professionals should communicate with their buyers?

Meanwhile, Jill had been continuing her career as a sales leader, cultivating a passion for developing salespeople and enabling them to realize their potential. Anyone who has met Jill will tell you that nothing makes her happier or more fulfilled than seeing a dedicated salesperson blossom under her guidance. Jill had spent her career in sales training developing reps through coaching and effective sales management. She had become one of the premier experts in what it takes to move a rep beyond the end of their training experience to a point where they can execute best practice in a fluent, professional manner while driving results to match.

When Tom and Jill united to found Funnel Clarity, their avocations fit perfectly to establish a company whose mission is to discover and celebrate what makes a salesperson successful. There IS a science to producing real results in sales performance. We apply this science to all activities in the sales funnel, while holding true to the idea that sales is a noble profession.

Funnel Clarity is using this science to increase revenue and profits for our clients and to change buyer culture to view salespeople as trustworthy, credible and capable.

Award Winning and Client Pleasing


Jill Ulvestad

An experienced sales expert and coach, Jill has over 15 years of experience in the training industry.

Tom Snyder

Formerly CEO of Huthwaite, Tom Snyder has extensive sales leadership experience and a keen grasp of how human behavior and sales results are linked.

How We Work


Part of the Team

Your success is our success. We become an extension of your team and support each individual along the way.

Long-Term Focus

Our combined 40 + years of sales experience and insight from working with many different companies allows us to offer support and guidance at each stage of your growth.

Driven to Differentiate: What we believe to be true

  • The conversation matters. Sales and marketing technologies can increase efficiency, but nothing can replace the human connection.
  • Ongoing support and reinforcement is essential if you want change. Real learning happens outside the classroom, when new habits are formed.
  • Successful sales skills shouldn’t be defined or dictated by a particular seller’s personality.

Work with the team that values your success as much as you do.