On-Site Sales Training

For some sales forces, the best approach to sales training is in-person, via a classroom delivery experience. The important factors include an experiential learning approach catered to your company’s industry and sales model.
Flexible and Customizable

Location Based Training

Funnel Clarity’s classroom training is always provided at a location most convenient to the learners. Our courses do not come in fixed, one-size-fits-all formats but are customized to the sales context, market and culture of our clients. This classroom learning can be provided in a hybrid format including some degree of online, self-directed learning.


On-Site Training Options

Training for Leadership

If a company is to establish a world class, competition crushing sales force, sales leadership is the single most important component. Funnel Clarity provides workshops for sales leaders to ensure that they are providing this important function according to research-based best practice.

Training for Teams

Many companies have adopted an approach to sales structures that separates sellers into specific areas of sales specialization. Team selling therefore requires adapting an approach that is different from individual selling. Funnel Clarity can provide guidance on how to prepare, execute and follow-up in a team environment.

Speaking at a Sales Meeting

Almost every company has some form of annual or bi-annual sales meeting. Whether these meetings are focused on motivation, celebration, learning or on the introduction of new policies, strategies, offerings, etc. Funnel Clarity can provide presentations, workshops or engagements that ensure the sales meeting is a success.

Presenting a Keynote

Companies, associations and conferences searching for a keynote on any number of wide-ranging sales performance topics need look no further than Tom Snyder, Founder and Managing Partner. Tom is a McGraw Hill best-selling author and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Sales Leaders in America.

What Our Clients Say

Small Telecom Provider
Bill P.

Funnel Clarity training was very effective and opened a lot of eyes. Steve was able to contact a prospect our folks had been chasing for weeks and we ended up converting that prospect into a long term customer. This training works. We've recommended Funnel Clarity to several of our business partners without hesitation.

Small Computer Hardware Company
Stacy L.

Working with Funnel Clarity has always been a great experience. Each time I have the opportunity to work with them I learn new tips and tricks to help me be successful in what I do every day. They are top notch!

Mid-Size E-Learning Provider
Chuck F.

We have partnered with Funnel Clarity for years. They engaged in a hands on manner with our Hunters, and as a result, we realized immediate growth in our pipeline, call efficiency, and new business development performance.

Enterprise Flooring Provider
Steve B.

Funnel Clarity provided great training to our team. The thing that was most impactful was the huge number of actual prospecting call examples that were played throughout the training. The examples were specific to our industry and company, so they really hit home for our salespeople.

Small Market Research Firm
Will K.

These guys (Funnel Clarity) are the best. Plain and simple.

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