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Traditional prospecting tools and techniques have received a bad reputation – especially in recent years. As consumers become more empowered with information at their fingertips, organizations need sales prospecting solutions that embrace this change, rather than surrender against it. Funnel Clarity’s approach to sales prospecting training is about refining “old school” techniques and applying them in a new way that matches the modern buyer. We invite you to explore a prospecting training that doesn’t tout an elusive silver bullet, but research-based tactics.

Sales Prospecting Solutions for
Modern Sales Teams

Data-Driven Techniques

Sales prospecting is both a science and a discipline. So why are sales teams looking for growth tactics in unproven places? We believe that following a structured set of steps and tactics based on proven results is what yields growth for sales professionals. 

Cold calling, cold emails and social selling are not antiquated methods by definition. But if executed poorly – they’re wildly ineffective. We analyzed more than 100,000 sales prospecting calls at 100 companies across 19 industries to determine which sales prospecting tactics work and which don’t. We know the most common pitfalls, and have built prospecting training materials that help organizations overcome them.

Every sales prospecting training relationship begins by understanding:

  • Your team’s strengths when it comes to prospecting, techniques and success rate.
  • Your team’s weaknesses in planning, execution or strategic adjustments.
  • How to take advantage of strengths and course-correct weaknesses to surpass your quota.

3x3 Research©

3x3 Research© is a step to take in your pre-call prep: find 3 unique pieces of research on the contact or company in 3 minutes or less. Doing this step helps you create curiosity in your prospecting outreach. The 3x3 Research© approach got its start with Funnel Clarity and we’ve incorporated it into many of our training, including sales prospecting training. 

Fearless Prospecting© 

Disregard the tired excuses claiming that traditional sales prospecting tactics don’t work. Have the courage to refine your approach with sales prospecting solutions that break through common barriers, build rapport and professional credibility, and ultimately grow qualified leads. Clients that have completed this prospecting training experienced 200-300% increases in qualified leads. Fearless Prospecting© focuses on the tactics of reaching people through phone, email and social media with a renewed approach that builds professional credibility and common ground. 



Interactive Online Sales Prospecting Training

Prospecting training with our online platform is impactful for sales professionals and insightful for sales leaders. Gain insight into each team member’s participation, completion, comprehension and engagement with course material. Team member’s can interact in group exercises and discussions to increase continuity across the organization.

What you’ll learn:

      • Identifying the “right target” individuals and how to reach them directly
      • Using so called gatekeepers as access providers
      • Engaging a prospect in a professional conversation
      • Establishing credibility with a new prospect quickly and professionally
      • Setting appointments with new prospects and perform initial qualification to ensure the opportunity is real
      • Integrating the use of phone, social media and email into one prospecting process
      • Creating a prospecting plan that schedules activities at the most productive times

This course includes:

  • Video-icon 16+ hours of mixed media content
  • Articles-icon 60+ practice opportunities
  • Star-icon Certificate of Completion
  • Life-line Alumni Access
  • Web-icon Online reinforcement included
increase in qualified opportunities
less time required for list building/research
increase in top of funnel conversion
We love our clients because they become long-term partners:

What Our Clients Say

Fortune100 Software Company
Anthony D.

Funnel Clarity's prospecting training had an immediate and positive impact on our business development organization. We were given an understanding of the 'balance between art and science' of prospecting through an engaging two-day training workshop. We learned "lab" tested best practices and how to best use them in applicable situations. Having gone through the training twice now, I can confidently say that I am better for it. I would recommend the training course at least once per year!

Enterprise Commercial Real Estate Software Provider
Brandon R.

Funnel Clarity training provided my team and I will excellent training in how to approach real-life objections. I would highly recommend Funnel Clarity training to any sales organization.

Small IT Services
Jack L.

The creative material is unique to itself and really works. Funnel Clarity's representatives are able to teach true sales professionals new ways to approach clients that provide positive results.

Small Industrial Goods Provider
Joe G.

Best sales training we've received by far. Our team still refers to the Funnel Clarity manuals regularly and uses the terminology we learned from Funnel Clarity.

Enterprise ERP Solution
Jonny O.

Funnel Clarity is a well organized, highly responsive, and utterly professional organization. They engaged me as a customer and were a pleasure to interact with.

Ready to Find New Opportunities?

The Funnel Clarity Roadmap to Revenue©

Quota-Crushing Sales©

Quota-Crushing Sales©

The modern sales professional needs more than just a questioning model. To maximize success a seller needs to understand how to “counsel” buyers to make great decisions.  This course focuses on the tactics and strategy of providing this kind of buying guidance to every decision maker.


Inside Sales Formula©

Inside Sales Formula©

The challenges facing inside sellers differ from those that face a field salesperson. This course teaches inside/digital sellers the tactics and strategy necessary for maximum results when selling to remotely located decision makers they may never meet in person.


Selling In a New Marketplace©

Selling In a New Marketplace©

Selling an innovative and/or disruptive solution is different than selling a competitive offering in a mature market. This course teaches sellers with start-ups, emerging growth companies or those with innovations from mature companies how to make immediate significant penetration in a new marketplace.  


Box Out the Competition©

Box Out the Competition©

Effective account management requires more than just reacting to customer inquiry. This course teaches the techniques required for proactive account management. These tactics are essential in order to create value for existing customers, ensure ease of renewal and for uncovering upsell/cross-sell opportunities.


Qualify for Quality©

Qualify for Quality©

One area where sales organizations lack an effective tool is recognizing how qualification is an ongoing part of a sales process, not a step in that process. This course teaches the skills that ensure each sales call is most effective and the sales funnel contains only real opportunities.


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