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Box Out the Competition©

It has been long established that keeping a customer and/or expanding existing business is far easier and more profitable than having to continuously pursue new logos. Unfortunately, in most companies, account management becomes a customer complaint desk with little attention to proactive value creation and cross-selling/upselling opportunities. Funnel Clarity’s course teaches how to implement these proactive, value-creating activities and thereby form a barrier to competition.

Don’t Give the Competition a Chance to Steal

Course Description

Whatever was the value expectation your customers had at the time of the original contract you can be assured has evolved as the contract period has progressed. Every company that has a renewable contract relationship with its customers has implemented some form of account management function. If renewals matter, it is vital that these professionals understand how to proactively assess change in the customer organization, proactively create value and nurture a wide network of customer contacts.




What you’ll learn:

            • Why change is the engine of opportunity and identifying those opportunities
            • Having an expanded network of contacts at each account
            • Building a network of contacts in each account
            • Proactively positioning the renewal long before the renewal date
            • Creating value consistently for an existing account
            • Providing feedback to your sales organization
            • Conducting seamless hand-offs

This course includes:

  • Video-icon 16+ hours of mixed media content
  • Articles-icon 60+ practice opportunities
  • Star-icon Certificate of Completion
  • Life-line Alumni Access
  • Web-icon Online reinforcement included
increased customer retention
decrease in missed hand-offs
increase in upsell opportunities
We love our clients because they become long-term partners:

What Our Clients Say

Mid-Size E-Learning Provider
Shannon R.

I have been through many training programs in my career, and Funnel Clarity is at the top of them. I love webinars and additional information they provide throughout the year.

Fortune 100 Software Company
Lauren L.

Steve's hands on, professional and personalized approach with our team had us fully engaged. Funnel Clarity helped our team implement a unique, effective sales approach with skills that I will continue to use throughout my career.

Mid-Market SAAS Company
Yinet M.

Great training; easy to grasp and implement into your sales program and measure results.

Small Software Company
Ryan S.

Great company done and great trainer. I was impressed with the upfront level of interaction and planning for the training session. What was great was that they told the time to understand our business and base line metrics prior to planning the training session. The session was relevant and I saw an immediate acceptance and adoption by the team.

Mid-Size Biotech Company
Jim K.

As a sales professional and sales manager Funnel Clarity BP has made myself a better prospector, a better manager and more importantly a better consultant to my customers. Great content presented with passion and conviction.

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The Funnel Clarity Roadmap to Revenue©

Fearless Prospecting©

Fearless Prospecting©

With Fearless Prospecting© sellers can overcome discomfort, overcome resistance from prospects and set many more first appointments with qualified potential buyers. The tactics taught in Fearless Prospecting© have been developed from research and are surprisingly non-intuitive.


Quota-Crushing Sales©

Quota-Crushing Sales©

The modern sales professional needs more than just a questioning model. To maximize success a seller needs to understand how to “counsel” buyers to make great decisions. This course focuses on the tactics and strategy of providing this kind of buying guidance to every decision maker.


Inside Sales Formula©

Inside Sales Formula©

The challenges facing inside sellers differ from those that face a field salesperson. This course teaches inside/digital sellers the tactics and strategy necessary for maximum results when selling to remotely located decision makers they may never meet in person.


Selling In a New Marketplace©

Selling In a New Marketplace©

Selling an innovative and/or disruptive solution is different than selling a competitive offering in a mature market. This course teaches sellers with start-ups, emerging growth companies or those with innovations from mature companies how to make immediate significant penetration in a new marketplace.  


Qualify for Quality©

Qualify for Quality©

One area where sales organizations lack an effective tool is recognizing how qualification is an ongoing part of a sales process, not a step in that process. This course teaches the skills that ensure each sales call is most effective and the sales funnel contains only real opportunities.


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