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Modern buyers are more educated than ever before with a wealth of information available at any moment. Simply incorporating questions, benefits and value propositions into your conversations is not creating value for buyers. A consultative sales approach works to distinguish the seller as a trusted advisor to buyers. Funnel Clarity’s approach to consultative sales training focuses not only on what a seller says and how to ask the right questions – but how to attentively listen to the answers that matter most in order to maximize success.

Consultative Sales Training to Win More Business

Provide Value, Not Features

The reality is this: depending on what stage of a decision journey your prospect is in, they may be arriving to the conversation already highly informed on the solution. A consultative sales approach positions sales professionals as reliable partners rather than an authority on features and benefits, helping to guide prospects on their path to purchase. 

The fundamental shift is that all focus moves from the product, to the prospect. Features, benefits, reviews and cost tables are readily available online and prospects can find them on their own time. The consultative sales approach works to uncover deeper insights from prospects and address their specific needs during your conversations. 

Course Curriculum: Quota-Crushing Sales©

Course Introduction

15 minutes

The course begins with an overview of what to expect, reflection on the common pitfalls of consultative selling and a framework for daily practice.

Section 1: Where and What is the Buyer Asking?

30-45 minutes a day for 1 week, self-paced.

This section examines the stages of the purchasing decision journey from the buyer’s perspective, the specific skills that a successful seller will use at each stage, the strategic objective of each stage and how to best serve as a “decision coach” throughout the process.

Section 2: Question Types

30-45 minutes a day for 1 week, self-paced.

This section emphasizes the importance of what triggers certain kinds of questions and what to listen for from buyers’ answers. It explores the hierarchy of different question types and teaches when each type of question is most appropriate, what to do with the answers the seller hears and how to employ questions as the primary tool of persuasion.

Section 3: Driving Buyer Rapport

30-45 minutes a day for 1 week, self-paced.

This section teaches the underleveraged skills associated with attentive listening and how they form the surest and fastest method for establishing a “decision coach” relationship.

Certificate of Completion

Certificates are valid for 2 years.

Receive a Certificate of Completion validating your successful achievement of learning selling best practices and how to become a successful decision coach.


1 hour a week for 4 weeks, self-paced.

These subsequent four sections offer review of the Quota-Crushing Sales© content and include additional assignments and tests to continue on your path to mastery.

This training in consultative selling includes:

  • Video-icon 16+ hours of mixed media content
  • Articles-icon 60+ practice opportunities
  • Star-icon Certificate of Completion
  • Life-line Alumni Access
  • Web-icon Online reinforcement included

Consultative sales training with Funnel Clarity helps sales professionals:

  • Understand the buyer’s needs by putting in the work – researching your buyer’s industry and organization, and asking strategic questions during conversations.
  • Guide the buyer. Assertive tactics are no longer the primary goal.
  • Tailor the buyer’s experience. Attentive listening is key to a consultative sales approach.

Quota-Crushing Sales©

Win more business by recognizing the stages of a customer’s decision journey and aligning your sales approach to meet them where they are. Consultative sales training clients have experienced a 48% increase in close rates and 42% decrease in stalled opportunities.


We know that buyers put a higher value on what they say during sales conversations than what sellers say, and a higher value on what they ask for than what a seller freely offers. The investment of time and energy working with a prospect is more fruitful when sales professionals have completed consultative sales training – helping them get recognized as trusted advisors by their prospects.

Interactive Online Sales Prospecting Training

Prospecting training with our online platform is impactful for sales professionals and insightful for sales leaders. Gain insight into each team member’s participation, completion, comprehension and engagement with course material. Team members can interact in group exercises and discussions to increase continuity across the organization.

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decrease in sales cycle time
increase in close rate
decrease in stalled opportunities
We love our clients because they become long-term partners:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does consultative sales training differ from traditional sales training?

Consultative sales training differs from traditional sales training in several key ways:

  • Approach: Consultative sales training focuses on a customer-centric approach, emphasizing building collaborative relationships, understanding specific client needs, and positioning tailored solutions. Traditional sales training often employs a transactional and “pitch” approach, focusing on features and benefits without deeply understanding the client's context.
  • Listening Skills: Consultative sales training places a heavy emphasis on active listening skills, open-ended questioning, and deep understanding of client responses. Traditional training may rely more on scripted pitches and rebuttals.
  • Problem-Solving: Consultative sales training equips salespeople with problem-solving skills to identify and address the client's unique challenges. Traditional training may use a one-size-fits-all approach.
Who is the ideal audience or type of sales professional that would benefit from this training?

The ideal audience for consultative sales training includes sales professionals who aim to excel in complex and competitive B2B sales environments or those dealing with high-value, long-term customer relationships. This training is particularly beneficial for:

  • Salespeople in industries where solutions are customized to meet specific client needs (e.g., technology, consulting, healthcare among others).
  • Professionals who interact with multiple decision-makers and need to uncover and address complex challenges.
  • Sales teams looking to shift from transactional or product sales to value-driven sales approaches.
What are the key skills and techniques emphasized in this training program?

Key skills and techniques emphasized in Consultative Sales Training include:

  • Active Listening: Developing the ability to understand the client's needs by asking probing questions and truly comprehending their responses.
  • Needs Analysis: Learning how to identify, develop and prioritize the client's pain points, challenges, and goals.
  • Customization: Tailoring product or service offerings to align with the client's specific needs and objectives.
  • Relationship Building: Building trust and rapport with clients to foster long-term partnerships.
  • Problem-Solving: Developing skills to address client challenges effectively and position solutions as valuable.
  • Effective Communication: Enhancing communication skills to convey value propositions clearly and persuasively.
  • Customer Decision Journey: Learning techniques for identifying where each customer is in their decision journey and tailoring a selling approach to align with buyers during each stage in their process.
How does consultative sales training help salespeople better understand their clients' needs?

Consultative sales training helps salespeople better understand their clients' needs by encouraging them to:

  • Ask targeted and strategic questions to uncover clients’ decision-making stage and desired outcomes.
  • Actively listen to client responses and probe deeper to gain a comprehensive understanding and help clients think more deeply about their situation.
  • Analyze the client's business context and objectives.
  • Tailor their solutions to address the specific needs and objectives of each client.
  • Build trust and rapport, helping clients to more willingly share their concerns and challenges.

What Our Clients Say

Mid-Size Market Research Company
Pete D.

Great for getting an inside-sales team aligned on best practices.

Fortune 100 Software Company
Tim C.

The Funnel Clarity training places emphasis on tested, proven, and practical techniques for getting through to the desired contact!

Enterprise E-Learning Platform
Scott D.

Funnel Clarity delivers. I've been impressed with Funnel Clarity's professionalism and quality of work. Funnel Clarity has delivered high quality contacts/leads that have helped me drive additional revenue and break into new accounts.

Enterprise Flooring Provider
Holly B.

I really enjoyed the Funnel Clarity Training. I use the verbal judo and 3x3 to gain insight on my customer. It is not always easy to find that information in three minutes.

Small Market Research Firm
Sharon S.

The training program is brilliant yet the simplest of methodologies that we just don't think about. By using Funnel Clarity techniques, I was able to get in touch with CXOs who I previously had trouble booking meetings with.

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