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Far too many promises made by sales training companies fail to materialize.  That failure is entirely avoidable if the appropriate content, learner experience, adoption and support are in place. Measurable performance improvement is what we do.

We love our clients because they become long-term partners:

Online Training

The journey to becoming a great seller can begin online with Funnel Clarity’s multimedia platform featuring animation, video, written content, application opportunities, assessments and recorded examples. Once a course is completed, Funnel Clarity provides access to an extensive library of reinforcement and coaching resources.
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Sales Professionals


Sales Teams

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On-Site Training

In consultation with each client, we align on-site training engagements to the culture of the sales people who will be in attendance. Led by Funnel Clarity’s certified training instructors, who have been both successful sellers and sales executives, on-site instruction includes exercises, recordings and materials. Each of our programs is designed to have participants learning-by-doing with 70% of classroom time devoted to working with peers. In addition, resources for reinforcement, coaching and continuous adoption are provided to each participant and their manager(s).

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Some of our clients prefer to outsource some or all of their coaching process to Funnel Clarity. This coaching focuses on deal strategy, skills improvement or both and can be used as a substitute for manager coaching or to augment client coaching efforts. The goal is to ensure that what is learned in training is converted to measurable increases in performance and productivity.


There are a range of challenges that sales organizations face which cannot be answered by training. Funnel Clarity provides a range of expertise in areas such as sales team structure, sales funnel refinement, process improvement and more.

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