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Lead qualification is not merely a step in the sales process, or a tactic employed during prospecting. To avoid pursuing “ghost” opportunities, sellers must recognize that qualification is an ongoing part of the sales process. Lead qualification training from Funnel Clarity teaches the skills that ensure each sales call is effective and impactful, with only real opportunities progressing through the sales funnel. Our approach focuses on both lead qualification and lead management training, helping organizations maintain superior funnel health.

Lead Qualification Training for Maximum Funnel Health

From Contact to Contract

Stalled deals in the sales funnel occur for a variety of reasons, many times for unfounded excuses by prospects. How can sellers learn to see these excuses on the horizon and focus their efforts accordingly? 

We believe that a series of questions, asked at the right times, can qualify prospects at various stages of the funnel. Taking the answers into consideration during call planning and debriefs can help sellers see a stalled deal on the horizon and work to focus their efforts elsewhere. Our experience and research has uncovered that 40% of deals in the average sales funnel are dead or never truly existed. We know the necessary strategies and tactics, and have built lead management training materials that help organizations achieve and maintain superior funnel health.

Course Curriculum: Qualify for Quality©

Course Introduction

15 minutes

The course begins with an overview of what to expect, reflection on the common pitfalls of prospecting and a framework for daily practice.

Section 1: Foundation of Qualification

30-45 minutes a day for 1 week, self-paced.

In this section, you learn how to assess a buyer’s urgency to make a purchase as well as what motivates buyers to take action. The ability to prioritize accounts based on those most likely to buy, is the foundation for a healthy funnel.

Section 2: Qualification Questions

30-45 minutes a day for 1 week, self-paced.

This section emphasizes the importance of what triggers certain kinds of questions and what to listen for during the qualification process. It explores different question types and teaches when each type of question is most appropriate, what to do with the answers a seller hears. This allows you to determine if there is a true opportunity, if you can win and if you can align successfully with buyers’ expectations.

Section 3: Credible Qualification

30-45 minutes a day for 1 week, self-paced.

Engaging in productive conversations with buyers is the predominate way to create value and differentiate yourself and your product / service. In this section, you learn to strategize for calls, develop on-point call plans and explore ways to establish relationships with varying Decision Makers throughout the qualification process.

Certificate of Completion

Certificates are valid for 2 years.

Get a social media-friendly Certificate of Completion validating your successful achievement of learning to quickly qualify more quality opportunities that are winnable in your funnel.


1 hour a week for 4 weeks, self-paced.

These subsequent four sections offer review of the Qualify for Quality© content and include additional assignments and tests to continue on your path to mastery.

This course includes:

  • Video-icon 16+ hours of mixed media content
  • Articles-icon 60+ practice opportunities
  • Star-icon Certificate of Completion
  • Life-line Access To Experts
  • Web-icon Online reinforcement included

Lead qualification and lead management training and helps sales professionals:

  • Recognize the importance of qualification continually throughout the sales process.
  • Implement four essential questions of qualification, and employing them to effectively qualify and manage leads.
  • Capture essential information in your sales tech stack that paints a full picture of a prospects qualifications.


Qualify for Quality©

Qualification supports two important facets of sales team success: funnel health, and efficient use of time by sales professionals, focusing on opportunities that really exist. Lead qualification training helps sales teams construct a framework for questions and answers necessary in every prospect interaction to get a closer look into their decision journey. Lead management training redefines how sales teams view their funnel, the movement within it, and its overall health. Qualify for Quality© customers have experienced a 20% reduction in stalled deals in the funnel, and a 30% average reduction in sales cycle time. 

Interactive Online Sales Prospecting Training

Prospecting training with our online platform is impactful for sales professionals and insightful for sales leaders. Gain insight into each team member’s participation, completion, comprehension and engagement with course material. Team member’s can interact in group exercises and discussions to increase continuity across the organization.

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Reduction in stalled deals in the funnel
Deals in the funnel of avg sellers that are dead or never existed
Average reduction in sales cycle time
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lead Qualification Training, and why is it crucial in the sales process?

Lead Qualification Training is a specialized training program designed to help sales professionals effectively evaluate and prioritize leads in the sales pipeline. It is crucial in the sales process because:

  • It ensures that sales teams focus their efforts and resources on leads that are most likely to convert to become customers.
  • It minimizes wasted time and resources on unqualified or low-potential leads.
  • It improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process, leading to higher conversion rates and revenue growth.
Who is the ideal audience for this training, and what roles typically benefit from it?

The ideal audience for Lead Qualification Training includes sales professionals and roles such as:

  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRs): SDRs are often responsible for the initial contact with leads, making them key beneficiaries of lead qualification training.
  • Account Executives: Account executives who manage the entire sales process benefit from lead qualification skills to prioritize their efforts.
  • Sales Managers: Sales managers can ensure their teams are using lead qualification best practices to improve overall team performance.
What are the core skills and techniques emphasized in this training program for lead qualification?

Key skills and techniques emphasized in Lead Qualification Training include:

  • Effective Questioning: Learning how to ask the right questions to gather essential information about a lead’s challenges and willingness to make changes.
  • Lead Categorization: Developing a systematic approach to assess and assign categories to leads based on their fit and urgency. Participants also learn how to approach leads within each defined category.
  • Active Listening: Improving the ability to actively listen to leads and identify buying signals or objections.
How does this training help sales teams identify and prioritize the most promising leads?

Lead Qualification Training helps sales teams identify and prioritize promising leads by providing them with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Evaluate a lead's fit with the Right Account Profile (RAP) and target audience.
  • Assess the lead's level of interest and engagement with addressing a problem that the seller’s solution can address.
  • Identify buying signals or indicators of readiness to move forward in the sales process.

What Our Clients Say

Fortune100 Software Company
Anthony D.

Funnel Clarity's prospecting training had an immediate and positive impact on our business development organization. We were given an understanding of the 'balance between art and science' of prospecting through an engaging two-day training workshop. We learned "lab" tested best practices and how to best use them in applicable situations. Having gone through the training twice now, I can confidently say that I am better for it. I would recommend the training course at least once per year!

Enterprise Commercial Real Estate Software Provider
Brandon R.

Funnel Clarity training provided my team and I will excellent training in how to approach real-life objections. I would highly recommend Funnel Clarity training to any sales organization.

Small IT Services
Jack L.

The creative material is unique to itself and really works. Funnel Clarity's representatives are able to teach true sales professionals new ways to approach clients that provide positive results.

Small Industrial Goods Provider
Joe G.

Best sales training we've received by far. Our team still refers to the Funnel Clarity manuals regularly and uses the terminology we learned from Funnel Clarity.

Enterprise ERP Solution
Jonny O.

Funnel Clarity is a well organized, highly responsive, and utterly professional organization. They engaged me as a customer and were a pleasure to interact with.

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