Consultative Sales Coaching

Enabling managers to be good sales coaches requires a sales culture that sets expectations and incentives for good coaching. In some cases it is easier for companies to outsource coaching to Funnel Clarity. This outsourcing can be at a coach-the-coach level, or can be concentrated on the sellers themselves.
Sales Coaching For Individuals and Teams

Anywhere, Anytime

Either in support of manager coaching efforts or as an outsourced coaching function, Funnel Clarity can ensure that the process of continuous improvement becomes a part of your company’s sales culture.

Our Sales Coaching Methods

Evaluate Your Current Process

Funnel Clarity evaluates your current sales metrics, sales tools and sales process to determine where improvements can be made.

Form a Winning Strategy

Funnel Clarity trains sales managers on how to establish forward-looking and diagnostic metrics to support focused activities for improvement.

Implement New Processes

Funnel Clarity trains managers on the skills of coaching, celebration and reinforcement, or provide on-demand coach-the-coach support.
We love our clients because they become long-term partners:

What Our Clients Say

Enterprise Management Consulting
Diane B.

Funnel Clarity offers an excellent class and workshop for training salespeople. The presentation explains new technology, traditional sales methodology,and customized advice for the audience. Seasoned reps (the ones that "know it all!) and novices both walk away with new information, tools and a renewed sense of motivation.

Enterprise HR Software Provider
Caryn M.

I had the opportunity (along with a number of my team members)to work with Jenna and Funnel Clarity a number of times over the last few years. The information, strategies, and collaboration was extremely beneficial and over the years I have implemented much of what I learned. I found the presenters engaging and passionate about what they do as well as extremely savvy and persuasive in their skills, the best part being i retained much of what I learned and have successfully put it into practice.

Large Fintech Corporation
Keith B.

The team at Funnel Clarity has been a tremendous asset to our organization as we build out our sales organization. Their practical insights, and commitment to helping each rep get better, have been an important contributor to our revenue growth over the years.

Enterprise HR Software Provider
Chris H.

We have worked with Funnel Clarity on multiple training engagements. Their prospect calling training methodology is very repeatable and perfectly dovetails to our philosophy and what our team needs to prepare them for Prospecting success. I would highly recommend working with them.

Mid-Market IT Company
Eran B.

Practical, no nonsense hands on sales training with a clear methodology and process behind it. The sales team both enjoyed the sessions and learned a great deal.

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