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We help our clients across a range of sales-related challenges with a scientific method based in research. Areas such as sales force structure, identifying strong sales candidates, clarifying sales strategy and refining differentiators are only some of the areas where Funnel Clarity can provide assistance.
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Full-Funnel Sales Consulting

Every high performing sales force has an effective sales funnel process as the centerpiece of its sales efforts. But, even those companies with a sales funnel fail to recognize that it is the customer’s decisions that drive an opportunity, NOT the sales person’s activity. This means that a sales funnel that does not incorporate a buyer decision journey is little more than a workflow. Funnel Clarity can provide guidance of developing and refining an effective funnel and sales process.
Qualification Models
Roles and Responsibilities
Forecasting and Metrics
Process Improvement

Our Sales Consulting Approach


An evaluation of the tools and processes that are currently in place to inspect, celebrate, coach and train sellers is conducted. Funnel Clarity identifies gaps that are limiting productivity.


Focusing on the least amount of change that will produce the greatest level of improvement, Funnel Clarity designs a set of tool modifications and practices that remove friction from sales efforts.


A formal report summarizes the analysis including what is being done well, where improvements should be made, short terms wins and long term recommendations.


Launching any change such as new tools, a revised sales funnel/pipeline, sales metrics, sales management practices, etc. is done in concert with leadership, sales managers and all elements of change.
We love our clients because they become long-term partners:

What Our Clients Say

Enterprise Technology Management
Troy R.

The strategies and tips Funnel Clarity have provided me are invaluable. During one of our training sessions, Steve asked for a prospect name and number (this was a prospect one of our sales guys was chasing for months). Steve called this person, got them live, and booked the meeting! It was incredible and he had the entire sales team in awe! If your organization is not leveraging Funnel Clarity, you're doing your inside sales team a disservice. 

Mid-Size Mobile Ad & App Monetization Company
Brett N.

I've worked with the team at Funnel Clarity with two separate companies and I can say they provide the most effective training I've seen. The manuals and notes still get a good work out today which is amazing in itself.

Large Fintech Corporation
Erin O.

We've worked with the Funnel Clarity team for well over 5 years. The insight that Jill and Tom have provided has been invaluable. Whenever I'm unsure what the next step should be, they're the first people I'd reach out to!

Mid-Size E-Learning Provider
Christy M.

With 15+ years in sales, management, and operations, Funnel Clarity never fails. Relevant, easy-to-implement tips and tricks, that are always current. Great training company!

Enterprise Commercial Real Estate Software Provider
Elizabeth P.

The training that was provided to myself and my team has been most valuable to us. As the training gives you the knowledge you need from the beginning of an "unexpected call" to closing the sale. Also, the live calls that were actually from some of our clients speaks volumes about how this system can work. Any company and or individual that wants to grow there business and expand sales needs to look at this system.

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