Calabrio Grows BDR Team and Outbound Success with Prospecting Training

Calabrio is a customer engagement software company that provides analytic insights to catalyze growth through customer service contact centers.

At Calabrio, marketers and BDRs sit side-by-side in the Demand Generation team. The team had success generating and developing inbound leads, but there was little structure for pursuing target accounts through outbound. Calabrio turned to Funnel Clarity for prospecting training and saw improvement in team cohesion and outbound prospecting.

Targeting Bigger Accounts

As Director of Demand Generation at Calabrio, Josh Werner oversees a growing team of BDRs and marketers. The success of marketing initiatives gave BDRs a healthy flow of inbound opportunities. However, beginning in September 2016, Josh wanted to increase penetration into target accounts, and it was clear that inbound alone would not suffice.

Outbound prospecting was needed to reach new, high-value enterprise accounts, but there was no internal structure on how to pursue and create new opportunities. In addition, the BDR team was mostly entry-level and had little experience with outbound prospecting.

Establishing a common language around prospecting methods, and developing an understanding of how to use resources like LinkedIn and switchboards for research has helped my team be more efficient and effective.
Josh Werner
Director of Demand Generation

How Funnel Clarity Helped

As a result, Josh needed to establish new processes for his team and sought formal outbound training. To give BDRs an understanding of the skills needed for prospecting, he turned to Funnel Clarity. Our virtual prospecting training became a valuable part of onboarding new BDR hires, establishing structure and methods for the growing team.

Going forward, every addition to the Calabrio BDR team took Funnel Clarity’s award-winning training on outbound prospecting best practices. This equipped them with the ability to leverage different sources of information for research opportunities. It also helped the team develop a common language around prospecting activities, increasing efficiency, and collaboration.

Funnel Clarity prospecting training is the baseline for what you need to be successful with outbound prospecting.
Josh Werner
Director of Demand Generation

The Results

The BDRs at Calabrio used these methods to reach out to targeted enterprise accounts with great success. Within three months, the team went from almost no outbound prospecting and zero penetration into target accounts to 30% penetration.

As the team continues to grow, the framework established by Funnel Clarity training enables new members to assimilate and find success quickly. Josh added that Funnel Clarity's ability to offer web-based training methods helps ensure long-term reinforcement. "I prefer the virtual nature of these trainings as it allows a lot of the prep work and learning to be done on their own time, on-demand. I don’t always have a travel budget big enough to send people to sales conferences so this is a way to drive learning and development while keeping it within a reasonable spend. I also love that they had access to the materials after the training concluded so they could reference when needed."


penetration into targeted enterprise accounts in 3 months


of reps trained have been promoted

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