The rule of thumb for everything in sales is KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid. Meaning - short, sweet and to the point. Your voicemail's should not be any different. Our team of four MSA's (marketing sales associates)  has been tracking two types of voicemail's: 

1. The Quick Question - stating the purpose of their outreach, to ask a quick question, and leaving their phone number twice. See previous blog on 5 Ways to Get Callbacks from Sales Voicemails.  

2. The Alternative Route (email)- leaving a voicemail saying getting back in touch with both an email (spelling it out) as point of contact and phone number. See the results below.

Emails to Voicemails

For color, we were calling SVP/VP level Communications or Government Relations executives. They are usually on their phones all day running from meeting to meeting on the Hill in Washington, DC. That said, even though the phone is in hand, they do not always answer! We found that with new technology transcribing voicemails to emails, leaving the email made it easier for the executive to respond.