Sales Coaching

Give your sales leaders the ability to guide their team to success or get one-to-one sales coaching to accelerate growth and assist with specific sales opportunities.

Sales Coaching For Individuals and Teams


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Our Sales Coaching Methods

1. Evaluate Your Current Process

Sales management should include as a top priority the ability of managers to drive performance. Too often, sellers are promoted to management with little or no training on how to do so. Funnel Clarity will evaluate the current sales metrics, sales tools and sales process to determine where improvements can be made.


2. Form a Winning Strategy

We’ll train sales managers on the how to establish forward-looking and diagnostic metrics to support focused activities for improvement. Our coaches serve as an on-demand resource for coach-the-coach assistance and support.

3. Implement New Processes

Together, we’ll develop a sales coaching cadence that includes feedback on calls, planning and strategy for specific opportunities, and sessions to review and revisit the skill areas that will have the most impact.

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