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Find out where your sales process can be stronger, more objective and more consistent.

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Our Sales Consulting Approach

1. Assess

An evaluation of the tools and processes that are currently in place to inspect, celebrate, coach and train sellers is conducted. This evaluation uses a framework of proven best practices allowing Funnel Clarity to identify gaps and assets quickly and efficiently.


2. Design

Focusing on the least amount of change that will produce the greatest level of improvement, Funnel Clarity designs a set of tool modifications and/or practices that remove friction from the sales efforts and produce greater sales funnel productivity and predictability.

3. Report

This deliverable is a formal report which summarizes the analysis, what is being done well and where improvements should be made. Included in this report are the individual deliverables that will lead to higher performance.


4. Implement

Launching any change (such as new tools, a revised sales funnel/pipeline, sales metrics, sales management practices, etc.) is done in concert with leadership and sales managers.

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