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Avoid the Sales Demo Black Hole

Posted by Jacquelyn Holden on 08 /11/2016

In my career, I’ve been through thousands of product demos on both sides; presenter and prospect. I’ve experienced a potential client share my enthusiasm for a product solution creating the “demo high”, and I’ve also sat through those awkward moments where the people around the table are non-reactive. All too often, despite executing the same sales process, the outcome of both scenarios can lead to the post-demo black hole. You know what I’m talking about - when the opportunity goes completely silent leaving you to question, "What happened?"







So why do some opportunities follow your process exactly while others take a different path? 


Two Behaviors that Guarantee Customer Rapport

Posted by Tom Snyder on 05 /18/2016
In the heyday of the bag-carrying salesman, conversation between seller and buyer was a given.  Before 1988, even Power Point didn’t exist.  As a result, sales training was all about “the pitch.”  It tended to work for one subtle and unrecognized reason: in that pre-internet age, the primary source of information about products and services was the sales person.  What was revealed by research that started in the 1950s and continues to this day, was that effective sellers practiced the skill of Attentive Listening.

The One Question You Should Always Ask

Posted by Tom Snyder on 02 /24/2016

The One Thing: Improve Sales Performance by 100% in 120 Days or Less

Posted by Tom Snyder on 01 /26/2016


Did you know that generating 100% improvement in sales performance can be achieved by almost any sales organization and it can be achieved within a 120-day period?  Sounds impossible doesn’t it?  Would you be surprised to know that most organizations spend considerable amounts of money and effort trying to improve sales performance, only to be frustrated at how little the needle actually moves?


Are You Individualizing Send Times With Your Marketing Automation Emails?  If Not, You’re Losing Out

Posted by Beth Stewart on 01 /14/2016

As a marketing professional, I'm relentlessly curious about the best time to send my email campaigns. With the average business person sending or receiving 112 emails per day, it’s hard to get people’s attention if you don’t time them right. While there have been countless studies on the subject, I’ve never found any conclusive evidence on what time of day or day of week is the best time to send email.


The 12 Pains of Lead Gen

Posted by Jenna Cronin on 12 /21/2015

Nothing gets me more in the spirit than holiday music. My go-to Pandora station in December is “Swingin’ Christmas” which features the likes of Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole. This year, however, I unearthed an old album that was in heavy rotation during adolescent-Jenna’s holiday seasons: Twisted Christmas by Bob Rivers. My favorite song was the opening track, a parody of the Twelve Days of Christmas in which Bob bemoans the undesirable activities that go along with the most wonderful time of the year. 


Things to consider when planning your sales kick-off meeting: [Part 3] Informative

Posted by Jenna Cronin on 12 /01/2015

If you’ve been following along with this series of posts about sales kick-offs (SKOs), you’ll recall that we’ve covered celebration and provocation as two common themes. You may also remember that these two themes rank highest in what participants prefer. But let’s face it: organizations rarely make huge investments in SKOs solely to produce good surveys. A well-executed event impacts the behavior or thinking of its attendees once the excitement (and perhaps the booze) has worn off. Today’s post is all about planning a sales meeting that teaches your team something new or gives them a refresher on skills they’ve learned.


3 Ways Sales Managers Can Reinforce Sales Training

Posted by Steve Richard on 11 /10/2015

These days you can’t read an article on sales training without learning about how many billions of dollars we’re wasting on training that never sticks with the sales team. And who can disagree? It’s common sense that sales leaders who treat sales training as an event don’t see ROI.


Things to consider when planning your sales kick-off meeting: [Part 2] Provocative Agendas

Posted by Jenna Cronin on 10 /29/2015

Last time, we explored a few things to consider when the purpose of your sales kick-off (SKO) or annual sales meeting is celebration. We also acknowledged the fact that when most sales leaders start planning such a meeting, they try to do it all. Remember, ONE THEME WILL DOMINATE! When an organization has a lot of changes underway or on the horizon, the goal is often to get more “buy-in” from the employees on the new direction. Do you want to use this event to challenge your team’s thinking and to bring a fresh perspective for the New Year? This is the perfect opportunity to design a provocative agenda.


A Sales Management Process to Help You Win the World Series (Sort of)

Posted by Jeff Hendricks on 10 /21/2015

No matter the profession, the main objective for all frontline managers should be to play a direct role in the unlimited growth and success of their organization. So when the Chicago Cubs’ General Manager hired Joe Maddon last November, the GM’s expectations for the 2015 season were simple – Maddon must manage any challenges that lie ahead so the Cubs can win their first World Series in 107 years.