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VorsightBP is now Funnel Clarity.

Buying behavior has changed. We have too.

Almost ten years ago, we partnered with Vorsight to bring our disruptive, research-based sales training methods to a larger audience. As time went on, we heard about the resulting confusion from our clients-- Vorsight or VorsightBP? Appointment scheduling, or sales best practices?

We don't like confusion--it's the opposite of what we teach, who we are, and what we do. So we've rebranded to better serve the Inside Sales profession. Funnel Clarity is thrilled to have you join us in the next step of this sales performance journey.

Jill Ulvestad
Founder, Managing Partner
Tom Snyder
Founder, Managing Partner

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Inside Sales Tactics

There is perhaps no bigger cliché in the business world than the gap between sales and marketing. We won’t even go there today; there’s already an abundance of material discussing this topic in depth. Instead, this...

In order to effectively convert leads to opportunities, it’s necessary to have a common definition of a qualified sales lead. Unfortunately, too many organizations lack a clear definition that can be used across marketing...

Lead Qualification is a difficult job. When we’re following up on leads, we feel more comfortable talking to our prospect. Makes sense, because there’s an action on their part to which our call is anchored. So, why do we...

Sellers often commit three errors in their lead qualification process that prevent them from maximizing the value of their inbound sales lead flow as an engine for revenue growth. With the right management commitment and...